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Archives: November 2016

Don’t Get Kicked in the Teeth – At Least Wear a Mouth Guard

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According to the American Dental Association, at least 13% of all injuries to the mouth occur during sports activities. While helmets, shoulder pads, shin guards, and the like do a great job of protecting most of the body, Dr. Thompson would like to make sure that every athlete knows how to keep their teeth safe from harm. No Portales parent should have to worry about their child’s teeth during the game, so at Thompson Smiles we would like to talk about how to take sports safety to the next level.

Mouth Guards and Sports Safety

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The Story of Caries Prevention

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If we told you that your mouth is the site of a constant battle between teeth and bacteria, would you believe us? Alright, maybe it’s not that dramatic, but the fact that Portales teeth are always at risk of developing dental caries is no exaggeration. In case you’ve never heard about caries, Dr. Thompson is going to take this opportunity to shed some light on what it is, how to stop it, and what Thompson Smiles can do to help.

Dental Caries, Tooth Decay, and Cavities

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