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Dental Crowns

Carlsbad NM Dental CrownsDo you have one or more teeth with extensive decay or damage? You may be an ideal candidate for dental crowns. While dental fillings are perfect for treating cavities, Dr. Thompson recommends dental crowns for Carlsbad residents whose teeth have been severely degraded or weakened, leading to compromised tooth structure.

When are crowns right for you? Crowns are considered to be the standard treatment for teeth that are no longer viable due to extensive decay or damage. In addition to causing extreme discomfort, teeth degraded to this level represent an infection hazard and can compromise the health of surrounding teeth and tissues. Dental crowns cover the entire outside surface of the tooth, protecting and reinforcing the tooth. The result is a stronger tooth that can support the force of chewing and contribute to a healthier smile.

Crowns are the standard dental restoration for teeth that have decayed to the point that they are no longer viable. By covering the entire tooth, dental crowns repair the structure and stability of the tooth and protect it from future decay and damage.

What are dental crowns made of? Dr. Thompson custom designs each Carlsbad patient’s restoration with whatever materials best suit their individual needs. Most often, dental crowns are made from composite resins or porcelain, for a durable restoration that will match your natural tooth color. However, some cases require the use of gold or other metals.

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