Peter Thompson DDS

Teeth Whitening

teeth whiteningWhat’s the quickest way to turn heads after a trip to the dentist? Get your teeth whitened! When it comes to cosmetic dentistry, teeth whitening is the most popular treatment for a good reason. It is relatively inexpensive, painless, and the results are immediate. Imagine a brighter, more radiant smile. Everyone in Carlsbad, NM will notice your youthful smile and the boost in confidence that comes along with it.

Dr. Thompson offers a number of teeth whitening options to lighten discolorations from cigarettes, coffee, medication, and aging. Whether you’d prefer our in-office ZOOM whitening or custom gel treatments you can use in the privacy of your home, you can have your teeth exactly as white as you want them.

Serving residents of Carlsbad, NM Dr. Thompson offers general, cosmetic, and restorative dentistry services, including teeth whitening. Call (575) 268-0007 to schedule your appointment and take the first step towards a healthier, happier smile.