Peter Thompson DDS

CEREC Onlays

Cerec Onlays RoswellOnce upon a time, dental restorations required several visits to the dentist. Consultations, evaluations, taking molds, waiting for outside labs to send the materials, then coming back, preparing the tooth, and placing the restoration. Getting a crown used to take weeks.

Peter Thompson, DDS has something much better for Roswell residents. Using the latest advancements in modern dental technology, Dr. Thompson can create and place a custom ceramic onlay in one dental visit!

If you live in Roswell, you can improve your smile in just one visit with a CEREC onlay that is custom made for your teeth during your appointment. How does it work? First Dr. Thompson uses a 3D digital camera to create an optical impression of the tooth. No mold is necessary. Next, cutting edge CAD/CAM software will aid Dr. Thompson in designing a custom restoration that fits your tooth perfectly. A 3D digital file is sent to a milling machine right in our office, which will then create the restoration in as little as 15 minutes. Finally, Dr. Thompson places the restoration on your tooth, using specialized bonding materials and hardening light to ensure that your new onlay looks and feels just like a natural tooth.

If you are a resident of Roswell and would like to know more about how you can get the smile of your dreams in only one visit, give us a call at 575.268.0007 today!