Peter Thompson DDS

Metal Free Dentistry

Metal Free Dentistry Roswell NMOnce upon a time, Roswell residents with decay and cavities were fitted with traditional amalgam mercury fillings. In addition to being unsightly, these fillings run the risk of allowing more decay or cracking the tooth as they expand and contract with heat changes.

At Peter Thompson, DDS, we use latest techniques and materials modern dentistry has to offer. That means everyone in the Roswell community can receive state-of-the-art, metal-free composite fillings. Composite fillings are crafted from a special resin that bonds directly to your tooth, ensuring a strong, reliable restoration that requires less removal of your healthy tooth structure. Each filling that Dr. Thompson places is custom colored to match teeth, so your new filling will fit right in with your beautiful, cavity-free smile.

To find out more about metal-free composite fillings in Roswell, contact our office today.