Peter Thompson DDS

CEREC Onlays

CERECIf the thought of making multiple trips to the dentist for uncomfortable, invasive procedures to fix a problem tooth sounds like a horrible proposition, then we have just the solution for you.  At your Portales dentist, Peter Thompson, DDS we use the latest technology to make fixing teeth as fast and pain free as possible with CEREC onlays.

Dr. Thompson uses a cutting edge system called CEREC to create a ceramic onlay, which fits perfectly to your existing tooth, in only one office visit!  When you come in for your dental work, Dr. Thompson will use a small camera to create three-dimensional (3D) digital image, or optical impression, of the tooth that needs repair.  This eliminates the need for a physical mold, which is unpleasant and time consuming.

Using state-of-the art CAD/CAM software, Dr. Thompson is able to create a precision onlay to repair your tooth.  The software sends the onlay’s exact dimensions to an onsite milling machine, with advanced diamond coated milling instruments.  In as little as 15 minutes this machine can create your new, permanent onlay restoration.

cerec onlaysThe finished piece is adhered to your existing tooth using a bonding material and hardening light – permanently attaching the onlay to your tooth.  Light polishing or glazing of the CEREC created onlay make the ceramic piece look and feel just like your natural tooth.

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