Peter Thompson DDS

Teeth Whitening

An unfortunate fact of life is that our teeth tend to yellow and discolor with age, and with the help of some of our favorite vices – coffee, tea, tobacco, and red wine are some of the biggest culprits that stain teeth. Thankfully, you can remove years of discoloration and staining with a professional teeth whitening treatment at your Portales dentist.

downloadDr. Thompson can brighten your smile with powerful teeth whitening treatments that lighten discolorations caused by coffee, cigarettes, medication or aging. You’ll notice the difference immediately, and so will everyone else in Eastern New Mexico and West Texas; that’s why its called ZOOM Whitening system!

Dr. Thompson will utilize the latest technology in teeth whitening and quickly whiten your teeth. He also can custom fit you for a tray containing whitening gel quickly and easily during your initial visit, then continue treatments in your home until your teeth are as bright as you want. Whitening at Dr. Thompson’s really does work like magic.

If you have any questions about teeth whitening, or would like to schedule an appointment with your Portales dentist, Dr. Thompson, please contact our office today at (575) 268-0007. We would love to help you take your smile from dull to dazzling with a professional teeth whitening treatment.