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Did you know that millions of Americans suffer from dental anxiety? Dr. Thompson and our staff want you to know that your concerns are taken seriously and that we have a solution for you. Don’t let a minor dental problem progress into a major (not to mention costly) issue because of your dental fear and anxiety. Let us help you get the care you need today with sedation dentistry. With sedation, we can complete everything from routine exams and cleanings to more complex treatments while you sleep comfortably in a single visit!

What is sedation dentistry?

If the very thought of going to the dentist makes you anxious and scared, your Portales dentist, Dr. Thompson’s use of sedation dentistry may be an excellent option for you.  Sedation dentistry has been practiced safely and effectively for over thirty years, for all kinds of dental procedures from routine cleanings to complicated dental reconstructions.

Sedation is different than general anesthetic. Where general anesthetic is designed to completely put you under, block pain, and requires assisted breathing, sedation is more like a light nap. Sedation requires additional anesthetic if necessary, and will create a meditative, dream-like state between being awake and asleep. Some patients do relax enough to fall asleep entirely, but you will be easily awakened and able to respond to the doctor.

Sedation does produce amnesic effects, meaning your appointment will feel like it went by in the blink of an eye, and you won’t remember the details. For many patients, sedation can actually eliminate the crippling fears they once had around going to the dentist.

Do you…?

  • Have excessive fears about dental appointments?
  • Hate needles or shots?
  • Fear the noises and sounds associated with a dental office?
  • Have a strong gag reflex?
  • Have a hard time sitting through lengthy appointments?
  • Have a small mouth or TMJ problems?
  • Have a physical disability that prevents regular dental care?
  • Have a fear of pain or blood?
  • Feel embarrassed about your oral health?
  • Feel uncomfortable with someone working in your mouth?

What are my options?

We offer nitrous oxide, the lightest form of sedation available. We also offer IV sedation which is the heaviest. Nitrous wears off quickly so you will be able to drive yourself home. With IV sedation, you will need to arrange for transportation to and from your appointment.

Dr. Thompson can ease these fears to help you through your dental appointment and get you on your way to the beautiful smile you’ve always wanted. Don’t let anxiety and fear prevent you from seeking the care you need. With sedation, your dental visits can be a time to sit back and relax and leave with a smile knowing you made the right decision for your oral and overall health.

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